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The Book of Monsters

Hey guys, here's a little update on what's going on. I've done most of the designing part for my next project, which is (for me) the natural step after the Pokedex Project. This is The Book of Monsters.

I've completed a prototype which will be published as soon as I get a mock cover and an intro or conclusion.

So, what is The Book of Monsters? Well, it's a biology-oriented field guide to Pocket Monsters. It's built as a fantasy "pokedex" from a time way before the digital age. In the world described in this book, people would only know Pokemon as monsters or creatures. Naturally, their names are different, as I don't want to meddle in trademarks or copyright issues, but the designs are straight out of my project. Each monster has two pages dedicated to it like this:

1. Ecology and Biology info: Contains common name, scientific name, weight, height, family, development and biological descriptions, which include how is the creature born, how does it develop and how does it behave in its natural environment

2. Field Notes: A set of 3-4 field sketches of the monster's most relevant features, drawn in a style that resembles old field and medical books.

In the finished project, all monsters will be divided in separate volumes depending on their habitats. So the volume titles will be something like: "The Book of Monsters: Vol 1 - Regarding Field Monsters" or "The Book of Monsters: Vol III - Regarding Mountains and Caves", etc.

As of now, The Book of Monsters will only be available to Patrons as a monster-per-month reward. If I get far enough, I might start an IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund the project and release the project through a full-color pdf (and if I get enough funding, print it out). Expect more info regarding this project in the coming weeks. As for now, stay tuned for the latest pokemon in the Pokedex Project!


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