About the Artist

Greetings ghouls and wraiths, my name is LM, and I will be your guide here in The Labyrinth.

I’m an artist and freelance illustrator from Ecuador. Though I lack formal education in art, I make up with lots of practice, research and professional formation in biological sciences. For my artwork, I always prefer traditional methods such as graphite, charcoal, watercolor and ink, with slight digital modding. Some projects I've worked on recently include The Pokédex Project and The Elder Sign catalog, along with independent commissions such as Draconic Magazine's "Revelry in Torth", the Eldritch Rhyme Book "Rock a-bye Cthulhu" and more.

Since I'm not a full-time artist, my revenue has to come from somewhere else, so if you enjoy my art, wish to support me, or would like to see some of YOUR ideas drawn by me, please consider requesting a commission or backing me up on Patreon where you can help me bring more and better creatures to life!

Contact Information

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Disclaimer: All art done by me. While most arwork is original, some galleries include fan art. All characters belong to their respective owners and are not intended for profit. If you are interested in using the artwork on this site please contact me for permission.