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Here's a disclaimer and user agreement regarding any work featured on this site and its partners:


Regarding ownership: 


- All visual art found on this site has been done and is owned by me unless otherwise specified

- Certain names and brands that are found on this site are properties of their respective owners, including but not limited to Nintendo and Gamefreak.

- By using this domain you acknowledge that Creatures of the Labyrinth claims no ownership over copyrighted brands. The user also acknowledges that whatever copyrighted material is mentioned here is used merely as artistic reference, with no commercial distribution or direct monetary exploitation.


Regarding Fair Use of Copyrighted Material:


-The artist claims fair use of copyrighted material according to its definition in Art. 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law by abiding to its 4 key points:

          a. The purpose of this work is non-commercial, as it is distributed merely as educational commentary and parody while taking no direct profit from it.

          b. The copyrighted work refers to a trading card game, videogame or televised franchise that includes a fictional universe that has NOT been copied directly and whose imagery and (if any) names have been properly transformed or used merely as a reference for commentary and/or educational resource regarding said universe.

           c. The copyrighted work that could be found on this site is of minimal proportions, and limits to certain names and terms necessary to the commentary nature of this site. If requested by the owner, said copyrighted material will be removed from the site.

           d. Since the work is not distributed commercially in any form, and the digital distribution of such work is merely as fan art and commentary, there should be no effect upon the established market of said copyrighted material.  


Regarding Donations and Support for the Artisan's work:


- The user of this domain and supporter of the artist's work understands that any donations or monetary gain are intended to support the artisan's craft and maintain an active channel, but NOT for the distribution of copyrighted material. 

- In no way will the supporter receive reproductions of copyrighted material in exchange of money.

- Any rewards or art pieces sold or distributed to supporters MUST and WILL be free of copyrighted work, including but not limited to names, brands and direct visual reproductions. 

- The artist claims no responsibility for the latter use of such pieces once they reach the client or patron. 


Regarding possible violations of Copyright Law or in the case that Fair Use has not been found:


- In the rare case that a copyright violation has been found, or that fair use has not been identified in the artist's work OR on the material displayed in this domain or its partners, please contact me to have the content modified or removed from the site.


* It is not the intention of this site to violate another artist's work, but to expand on different works of art that have inspired generations of children and adults alike.

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